Friday, 30 January 2015

Things are Heating Up

Literally, it is really bloody hot. This is good though, as abundant insect life means fat and energetic trout who are on the feed. We are coming into what I believe is the best time of year for the fly fisherman. The months of February, March and April are a time where fish look to put on condition for their winter activities and also start to make their way upstream.

Playing around with headlamps and slow shutter speeds on the DSLR

Myself and another keen guy from Fish City who is just starting out fly fishing, recently headed into one of our favourite headwaters to see how things were shaping up before we really get into into the headwater season. Numerous fat bows presented themselves and had a nudge a few dries too. The water was a nice swimmable temp too, which was just as well a seeing as the hike in was out of control hot.

First cast, not too bad!

Typical colourful back country bow

It's always good to spend time outside but the weather we have been having has been just stunning. Make the most of it as it won't hang around forever.

See you out there!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Hike in the Hills

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a fantastic start to the year and that you managed to get out for a fish over the break. We have been doing bit of everything, including some salty fly action in amongst some schools of kahawai and trevally. Nothing like double bent 10wt to start the year!

On New Years day, my girlfriend Aymee and I heading onto the hills to stay the night next to river. I had heard some good things about the fishing in this area and wanted to scout out the place for myself, as well as just get away from the city and spend some time sitting around a campfire. 

First outing for my new hiking tent - really impressed

The 4 hour walk in was pretty flat and the couple of hours fishing I did manage to do was pretty hectic. Quite a few solid fish in the 4-5lb region and very, very fussy. I had just started to work out what they wanted as it was time to head back. I ended up only hooking a couple and making a complete meal of a classic dry fly take and was given plenty of encouragement to make me want to head back there.

Cheese Kransky's over an open fire

Time to play "Spot the Brown Trout"

Last river crossing before heading out

Fishing aside, it was a spectacular couple of days and a great way to start the year. 

Other than this, the Rotorua stream mouths should be firing, there are tuna and kingfish in abundance offshore and the cicadas are starting to sing. This combined with the settled weather we are enjoying should make the fly fisherman very happy. Get out and get in amongst it, it won't come to you!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I Hope Santa Brings You a Radian

It's that time of the year again. Soon the sweet sound of cicadas will be filling the air and the trout will head to the surface to feast on any that are clumsy enough to fall into the water. We have been flat out at Fish City making sure that the Christmas wishlists of fishermen are checked off. We haven't really had the chance to head out fishing due to the nature of the retail beast, however there are plenty of trips in the pipes for the New Year (Josh just bought a boat, salt fly adventures to follow). Stay tuned for some results...

We just thought we would take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also, make sure to stay safe on the roads this time of year as there as there are some absolute muppets floating about. Most importantly, get out and catch some fish and make the most of this amazing country that we call home.

Thanks for continuing to support the blog and sharing in our passion.

Cameron and Josh

In case you missed it, below is the video that was featured in Fly Fishers Inc.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Enjoy The Simple Things

With the season fully under way now and summer trying it's best not to show its hand too early, it is very easy to head straight for the big water as soon as there is a break in the weather. This is so tempting as there are likely to be (bigger) fish that haven't seen too many anglers in recent times and the thought of them hitting flies with a totally reckless attitude makes it the seemingly obvious decision. Just like everyone else too...

Don't get me wrong, fishing these great big waters with potentially larger fish is possibly the pinnacle of fishing here in New Zealand, especially when the fish are looking up and feeding off the surface. It can also be very challenging! Gotta love it! This is going off on a bit of a tangent but what I'm trying to get at is that you shouldn't forget the small streams! Going out with a 3 or 4wt rod and throwing dries at maniacal little rainbows that are full of spirit and act as if they have just snorted something potent is easily as good as catching big mooching fish. Definitely not being selective in my fishing but if the option is there then take it! There just seems to be something special about being in really personal waters that not many people seem to give much thought or credit to. Just enjoy keeping it all simple and let everything else going on in the world fade.

This was all proven on the weekend with a visit to a local small stream where I managed to land a few really fat and feisty rainbows along with a really nice brown in the 4lb size range. A very successful day I thought!

One of the crazy little rainbows that smashed the dry!

Anyway, a side note to all this and definitely something to be excited about is the release of FlyFishers Inc. The boys up at Manic have worked really hard (we think) to bring this wicked magazine out. Full of good stuff from tips to cool fishing shit and a bit of info on a few of the people in the industry. A bit of an insight into the happenings in the Fly Fishing scene in NZ. Anyway, here is a link to the newest volume of FlyFishers Inc.

Have a good read and let us know what you reckon! There is even a guest apperance from the FlyGuys on there!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Making Hay

I was fortunate enough to have a day off coincide with some reasonable weather and managed to sneak out for a fish down National Park way on the weekend. I was down there to guide on the Saturday so went down Friday to ... uh ... ensure that the rivers were fishing well for my clients. I had an epic afternoon with plenty of FAT fish eager to eat a multitude of flies.

Typical National Park fatty
The guiding day was equally as good with clients who were brand spanking new to fly fishing getting a few fish (and getting dusted by a few more!). The guys were really surprised at the ability of the trout to fight by using the current to their advantage and had a really enjoyable days fishing.

Alvaro with his first ever trout

I also managed to get down to Rotorua last night to see how the stream mouths are going as the water is starting to warm up. We encountered a few really good conditioned fish however the cold current was a bit all over the place so we had to work for them. Really encouraging signs though.

These guys formed a bit of a gallery for me

It looks like some more average weather is on the way but there will be the odd good one in between so take advantage of the good days when they come along.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Let It Be Summer!

It has been a little while since my last visit to the blogosphere and unfortunately it hasn't been because I have been lost in the wilderness on all sorts of fishing adventures... I have been, as quite a few of us have been, stuck at work or unimaginably frustrated at the lack of fair weather to fish in. Don't get me wrong, I don't just fish bluebird days without a fart of wind but the seemingly ever present winds that are hanging around are doing my head in. But summer is almost officially here!

The last fish I managed to get out on was in marginal 20 Knot winds and the only rivers in the area were nice and murky coloured and not much use for fishing. Being me however, I tied on a wooly bugger and tried for all it was worth. It resulted in a single strike that left me with a snapped leader and a sweet new piercing courtesy of a size 12 cone headed wooly bugger. Successful day really! 

Wind back to mid last week and Cameron and myself ventured up a new stretch of water that google earth helped us scope out. We packed our gear and excitement and charged out to the river. The water was as good as we had hoped it would be, but the fish were proving difficult in every way. The very few fish that we did manage to hook had ideas other than co operating with our plans. They fought hard and used all sorts of dirty tricks which was very pleasant to find out indeed. Although the numbers were not plentiful, the whole experience was worth it tenfold.

All in all the new water exploration was definitely worth the time away from our usual fishing waters. Sometimes it is much better to shake the familiar waterways and go out blind and test out new skills. Coming in to summer is going to make this even more exciting and not quite as difficult as the waters will be clear and the fish on the rise. Bear in mind though, that these fish will also be very wary so be on your toes!

Here are a couple of trailers to some top notch short films. Those of you who attended the rise film festival will recognise a couple of these but thought it was time to jog the memory. Enjoy!

Blood Knot [Trailer] from TwoFisted Heart Productions on Vimeo.

7 degrees south - Alphonse Island - official trailer from alphonsefilm on Vimeo.

Go check out the full story behind all of these sweet trailers and share it amongst your mates!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Weather Woes and Videos

It's nearly summertime right? Well you wouldn't really know it and I blame the lack of posts on here on the lack of suitable fishing weather. We have some pretty gnarly trips in the pipes, it's just a matter of finding a weather window and jumping on it. This said, if the rivers do clear, it can be worth braving the conditions as the fishing can be pretty good.

Until such weather presents itself, all I can offer is some more video treats. Everyone who knows me is pretty well aware I have major problems with rampant hydro electric power as it can suck the life out of perfectly good rivers. This is another inspiring video from the US which shows that it is never too late to change the way in which we approach the environment and power generation in particular. 

This video is put together by well known trout artist Derek DeYoung and is a reminder of how beautiful trout are and what a good subject for art they are as a result.